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Alpha Lion - Superhuman Supreme - Hulk Juice

Alpha Lion - Superhuman Supreme - Hulk Juice

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Unleash your inner Hulk! 

Are you ready to unleash your inner hulk? If so, this product is for you! Alpha Lion's Superhuman Supreme is a highly potent pre-workout to have you insanely focused and pumping energy in the gym. A high stimulant product, you will feel next level energy and drive to push harder in your lifts. Each scoop comes packed with a dual source of caffeine and increased amount of beta alanine to give you the pump you need to smash your PRs and keep going further. No level of volume in a workout routine can stop this pre-workout! 

What will this unleash?

  • Dual source of caffeine (375mg)
  • Increased amount of beta alanine (3500mg!!)
  • Increased amount of L-Taurine (1000mg)
  • Increased amount of Betaine Anhydrous (2500mg)

What will you feel?

  • Gain crazy strength
  • Build muscle quicker
  • Increase overall performance
  • Insane level of focus
  • Constant feeling of stimulants to push harder
  • Break plateaus
  • Set new PRs
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