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Bucked Up Woke AF - Blue Raz

Bucked Up Woke AF - Blue Raz

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Wake the F*** Up! 

Feeling sleepy during your workouts? Not getting the burst of energy you need to get you going? You're about to wake up! Bucked Up Woke AF from Das Labs is a highest stimulant, high caffeine product to get you going. A clinically formulated pre-workout, you will experience high levels of pump, focus, endurance, performance, and noticeable gains. Woke AF will keep you working hard when you are most anabolic. Your lifts are about to go to the moon! 

What will this unleash?

  • High amount of caffeine (333mg)
  • Increased amount of beta alanine (3200mg)
  • Increased amount of Citrulline (6g)
  • Dose of ActiGin (25mg)

What will you feel?

  • Long-lasting energy
  • Build muscle quicker
  • Next level pumps
  • Insane level of focus
  • Next level endurance
  • Next level athletic performance
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