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Psycho Pharma - Edge of Insanity - Spiked Punch

Psycho Pharma - Edge of Insanity - Spiked Punch

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Go Psycho!

Get ready to go insane during your workouts! Not for the faint hearted, Edge of Insanity is going to make you harder than you ever have. With a high amount of caffeine, this product is an extremely high stimulant preworkout that will give you the pumps, endurance, and overall rush needed to cause dumbbells to explode. You will be waging war in the gym as you feel the energy and focus running through you to go that one more rep. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Let's get insane!

What will this unleash?

  • High amount of caffeine (350mg)
  • Insane amount of L- Citrulline (8g)
  • Increased amount of Beta Alanine (3.2g)
  • Standard amount of Alpha Yohimbe (4mg)

What will you feel?

  • Gain crazy strength
  • Build muscle quicker
  • Extreme level of overall performance
  • Insane level of focus
  • Constant feeling of stimulants to push harder
  • Break plateaus
  • Set new PRs
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