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The Kratos Stack

The Kratos Stack

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Feel the Power of a Greek God

Achieve similar results of Kratos! Each product in this stack will allow you to test your body's limits and break beyond your plateaus. This stack is built to provide you the main pieces to your workout diet and allow you to grow at an exponential rate. With the higher than standard caffeine, you'll feel the rush of energy and tingling to help your lifts increase exponentially. The testosterone booster will keep your T-levels up and allow it to synthesize your muscles to gather the strength and push past the weights you are stuck at. Finally, the higher protein content will feed the proper nutrients for your muscles to grow and your body to recover. Get ready for the next workout and shine like Kratos!


This stack includes:

  • Your choice of VMI K-XR Pre-Workout (400mg of caffeine)
  • Myogenix Hardcore Test
  • Your choice of Myogenix AfterShock ( 34g of protein)


*NOTE: This stack will not actually turn you into Kratos. Put in the time and work and you will achieve the aesthetic you are working towards.

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